Shiba Classics


The Shiba Classics Presidents is a 4,545 NFTs collection representing all Presidents of the United States since George Washington and minted on the Solana Blockchain.


Building Future Leaders

For The People, By The People, Shiba Lends An Opportunity For Creating New Leaders!

Each NFT Holder
Has A Chance
To Be President

This Is The Only NFT Project Where Each User Has A Fair Chance To Be A Leader.

Elections Will Be
Held Digitally

The Winners Are Determined By Users Who Bring The Greatest Amount Of People Into Discord Through Their Specific Link.

This Will Allow For The Project To Grow Organically As Well As Give Each User A Fair Chance To Hold Power In The Digital White House!

New Collections
Will Feature World Leaders

World Leaders, Activists And Political Wildcards Will Come To The Forefront In Future Collections And Play A Role In The Outcome Of The Digital Shiba Government And Metaverse World!

Let The Government Of Shiba Begin


How It Works

An Election
30 Days

The First Digital Government Of It's Kind: For The Shib, Of The Shib And By The Shib. Every Token Holder Has An Equal Chance To Become President And Reign In The Shiba White House. Let Your Voice Be Heard And Lead By Example.

When Elected
You Earn

Rule The White House, Redesign The World Around You, And Promote Your Agenda In The Physical And Digital World, Becoming A Trailblazer For Innovation. In Particular, The President Will Have Access To Our Discord Channel, In Which The President Will Be Able To Promote Their Diplomatic Or Financial Agenda.

Is The

The Presidential Winner Is Decided By The Amount Of Volume Brought In By Their Designated Discord Link, Each Invitation That Is Accepted = One Vote. Anyone Can Vote In This Process!

Into The

The "Shiba White House" Will Allow President To Rule For 30 Days And Will Feature Venues For Music, Gaming, Meeting Rooms, Networking ETC.

In Summary

Presidents Are Elected Through Discord. President Has Executive Powers And Rules From In The Metaverse White House. Rule, Reign, And Take Hold Of Your Destiny.

Let The Government Of Shiba Begin


Samples Of
Our Characters

Our Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Active Marketing Efforts To Drive The Shib Army To Join Our Discord In Anticipation Of The Pre-Sale

  • Development And Explanation Of The System Of Governance As Well As A Detailed Understanding Of Rewards To The Duly Elected Shiba President

  • Begin Laying The Groundwork For The First Election Campaign To Begin Following The Release Of The Project

Phase 2

  • Each User Will Have The Opportunity To Mint And Purchase Their Unique Shiba Classics Presidential NFT

  • Solana Blockchain Will Be The Home Of NFTs That One Can Purchase Or Exchange On The Secondary Market For Resale Value

  • The Campaign For The Shiba White House Begins...

Phase 3

  • Users Will Campaign For The Next Two Weeks, Reaching Their Followers, Friends, And Supporters, Garnering Their Support

  • Election Day Will Be Held, The Shiba President Holder With The Most “Treats” Will Be Announced The Winner After The Voting Cycle Is Complete

Phase 4

  • The Metaverse World Will Be Open With The President Receiving Occupancy In The Shiba White House

  • Features And Amenities Such As Casino Gaming And Other Entertainment Facilities Will Be Placed By Project Creators

  • A New Election Will Be Held Following 30 Days, The Current President Can Compete Against Challengers To Defend Their Title

Our Founders


Jesshib Was The Initial Founder Of The Shiba Classics Project, He Was Motivated To Start This Project Due To His Deep Involvement In The Shiba Inu Crypto Community As A Loyal Supporter Of Their Causes And Projects. He Searched For A Method Of Structure That Would Allow Each Holder In The Community To Have An Organised Say In Power, While Also Making This Virtual World Competitive And Engaging. Jesshib Has Owned A Marketing Agency For The Past Several Years And Met The Other Project Co-founders In Business Dealings On Other Successful Projects.


Shibchael Was Involved In The Beginning Stages Of The Shiba Classics Project With Jesshib As Another Initial Co-founder Who Helped Lay The Structure For The Gaming Concept And Utilities. Shibchael Is A Well-proven Business Professional, Starting And Running Multiple Successful Companies.


James Joined The Project And Has Been An Incredible Asset To The Entire Shiba Classics Ecosystem. James Has Provided Valuable Insights And Commentary That Is Truly Taken The Nature Of This Project To The Next Level! Besides Shiba Classics, James Has Worked In Building And Designing Software For Big Banks And Brokers Such As Ubs, Softbank, And Monex.


Shibraham Was An Early Partner In The Shiba Classics Ecosystem And Truly Has Contributed Valuable Insights To The Project With Regard To Networking And Consulting In The Web Design Of The Project And Reach To Other Partners And Influencers. Shibraham Has Done Some Truly Amazing Things In This Project And Has Cemented Himself As A Powerful “shiba Founding Father.”


You can mint your Shiba President on this website until they are sold out and thus have to be purchased on the secondary market. You will need your crypto wallet and a yearning to begin!

The election will take place on the last Friday of each month.

Initial features and concept art will be revealed as the minting of our project begins. This launch will be announced with vast anticipation and recommendations from the community of token holders regarding structure concepts and ideas, ensuring a democratic share of values and understanding.

Each President is decided by the amount of volume brought in by their designated Discord link, each invitation accepted equaling one vote for their token.

Presidential winner will receive a presidential weekly salary, a value of nearly $8,000 USD per week, for as long as you are the active winning president. If you win the next election then the salary continues until someone else becomes president.